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Byrne Woodware — a family business branches out

After returning to Canberra, and the birth of his daughter, David Byrne's priorities changed. And so, armed with his 15 years of graphic design experience, he took up the Byrne family tradition of working with wood. Before he knew it, he’d created an entire range of 100% Australian made products he was proud of – products that he was eager to share with others.

So Byrne Woodware was born. Here in our Canberra-based workshop, we combine time-honoured woodworking techniques with modern design and technology to create beautiful, contemporary products. We put a huge amount of care and attention into every piece we produce – from our fun, distinctly Australian toys through to our selection of wonderfully unique home-wares. And every piece is meticulously engineered and crafted with most being easily assembled from a flat-packed board, so you won’t need glue or tools.

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